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Thodiola tea and roots

Methods of preparation

Preparation of tea:


ut fine 5g of Rhodiola rosea roots. 1 cup of boiling water pour in roots and leave for (brew) at least 4 hours. Than filter.
Daily dosage: 1/5 cup - 3-5 times per day. For better taste dilute Rhodiola rosea tea with juice, tonic or other herbal tea.


Rhodiola tincture

Preparation of tincture:


ill 30 g of Rhodiola Rose roots in coffee-grinder no less 5-10 mm, add 150 ml of vodka without aromatic additives, agitate and steep 3-5 days at room temperature. Separate and filter the extract.
Dosage: 1/2 tsp. x 3 times per day. Course: 10-20 days. CHEERS!

More info about Rhodiola

Where to buy high quality dry roots of Rhodiola Rosea

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